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What is it about ?

The goal of this project is to make building a professional CI/CD pipeline
as easy as including a couple of GitLab CI templates in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.


No need to master GitLab CI: follow the guide and include our templates.


Build your project pipeline by assembling every required template.


Ease the use of security & quality tools (code quality, SAST, dependency check, license management, DAST, ...).

Git Workflows

Our templates implement modern DevOps workflows (feature-branch, Gitflow and Forking).


We carefully follow every GitLab CE release to integrate every new feature to our templates.

Configurable & Extensible

Comply to the convention over configuration principle.
Work with minimal configuration, yet can be configured to fit specific needs.

Review Environments

Dynamically created environments in your cloud, hosting your development in progess.
Comparable to GitLab EE Review Apps.


All our templates have an extensive online documentation.


We also provide a wide variety of project samples to illustrate their use and best practices.


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