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GitLab CI template for Gitleaks

This project implements a generic GitLab CI template for Gitleaks.

When run on the master branch, Gitleaks will audit all commits from all branches.

When run on other branches, Gitleaks will run a quick analysis on the current branch.


In order to include this template in your project, add the following to your gitlab-ci.yml:

  - project: 'to-be-continuous/gitleaks'
    ref: '1.2.3'
    file: '/templates/gitlab-ci-gitleaks.yml'

gitleaks and gitleaks-quick jobs configuration

Those jobs trigger a Gitleaks analysis (either on the complete repository, either on the current branch). They use the following configuration.

Name description default value
GITLEAKS_IMAGE The Docker image used to run Gitleaks zricethezav/gitleaks:latest
GITLEAKS_RULES Gitleaks configuration rules to use (you may also provide your own .gitleaks.toml configuration file in your project). none (uses default rules)
GITLEAKS_ARGS Options for a full Gitleaks analysis (on master or develop branches) --verbose
GITLEAKS_QUICK_ARGS Options for a quick Gitleaks analysis (on feature branches) --verbose (audit on the current branch)
GITLEAKS_QUICK_DEPTH Number of commits to scan (on feature branches) 10

Configuring Gitleaks rules

Here is how this GitLab CI template chooses the Gitleaks rules to use:

  1. It first looks for a .gitleaks.toml file at the root of your project repository.
  2. If not found, it uses the .toml file specified with the $GITLEAKS_RULES variable.
  3. If not specified, [default Gitleaks rules] ( are used.

Gitlab compatibility

ℹ️ This template is actually tested and validated on GitLab Community Edition instance version 13.12.11