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GitLab CI template for MkDocs

This project implements a generic GitLab CI template for MkDocs.

It provides several features, usable in different modes (by configuration).


In order to include this template in your project, add the following to your gitlab-ci.yml:

  - project: 'to-be-continuous/mkdocs'
    ref: '1.4.3'
    file: '/templates/gitlab-ci-mkdocs.yml'

Global configuration

The MkDocs template uses some global configuration used throughout all jobs.

Name description default value
MKD_IMAGE The Docker image used to run MkDocs polinux/mkdocs:latest
MKD_WORKSPACE_DIR MkDocs sources directory .
MKD_REQUIREMENTS_FILE Requirements file. If the file is not found in the repository, requirements are read from the MKD_REQUIREMENTS variable requirements.txt
MKD_REQUIREMENTS Space separated requirements (ignored if a requirement file is found) mkdocs
MKD_SITE_DIR MkDocs generated site directory (relative to $MKD_WORKSPACE_DIR), the path will be declared as artifact site
MKD_PREBUILD_SCRIPT Pre-build hook script
PIP_INDEX_URL Python repository url none
PIP_OPTS pip extra options none


mkdocs job

This job performs MkDocs build. It uses the following variable:

Name description default value
MKD_BUILD_ARGS Arguments used by the build job none

⚠️ The built documentation is generated in the ${MKD_WORKSPACE_DIR}/${MKD_SITE_DIR} folder. Be sure to update MKD_SITE_DIR if you change the output directory (via the MKD_BUILD_ARGS variable or the mkdocs.yml file).


⚠️ this template is not a deployment template and it only builds a MkDocs project.

You might deploy the generated site using a GitLab pages job (there is a variant for that) or any other method you see fit.


GitLab Pages variant

Basically it copies the content of the mkdocs generated site folder (site by default) to the public folder which is published by GitLab pages.

If you wish to use it, add the following to your gitlab-ci.yml:

  # main template
  - project: 'to-be-continuous/mkdocs'
    ref: '1.4.3'
    file: '/templates/gitlab-ci-mkdocs.yml'
  # GitLab pages variant
  - project: 'to-be-continuous/mkdocs'
    ref: '1.4.3'
    file: '/templates/gitlab-ci-mkdocs-pages.yml'

Gitlab compatibility

ℹ️ This template is actually tested and validated on GitLab Community Edition instance version 13.12.11